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Half-life-combinaison-H E V

Gordon Freeman and his crowbar.

Doctor Gordon Freeman, PhD

Gordon Freeman, age 27, is the silent protagonist of the Half-Life series. He often wields his trademark crowbar as his melee weapon.

Throughout the Extended Universe, he is often the main character.

List of Appearances Edit

HLEU Canon Edit

Half-Life: Induction: Main Character

Azure Sheep: Cameo (Two in total)

Half-Life: Main Character

Half-Life: Opposing Force: Cameo (Two in total)

Half-Life: Blue Shift: Cameo (Two in total)

Sweet Half-Life: Cameo (One in total)

Half-Life 2 and Episodes: Main Character

Dangerous World: Cameo (One in total)

HLEU Non-Canon Edit

Half Life: Invasion: Main Character

Escape from the darkness: Objective

Mistake of Pythagoras: Main Character

Rebellion: Main Character

Coastline to Atmosphere and Strider Mountain: Main Character

Final Project Diary: Cameo (One in total)

Mission Improbable Series: Main Character

Offshore: Main Character

Calamity: Main Character

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