Route Map Final EP

The "SPY-maps universe" is an alternate timeline born from the "time stop" induced by G-Man in Half Life 2's ending.

It's composed of 3 mods, Coastline to Atmosphere, Strider Mountain, and The Closure.

Coastline to AtmosphereEdit

Starting some time after the end of Half Life 2, instead of being saved by the G-Man, Gordon manages to survive the Citadel explosion, but is badly hurt. Dying, Gordon is found by some scavengers, presumably Rebels, who take him to a small village just outside of City 17, where they nurse him back to health. Alyx is nowhere to be seen, but there are rumors that Breen is still alive. With renewed strength, Gordon tries to find support against him, but nobody is willing to help. Soon, Gordon learns that Breen is starting his organization back up along the Coast, and journeys there on the airboat to stop him.

Starting from the Coast, Gordon blows up numerous Combine outposts, and finally reaches Breen in a Combine base, but he escapes to a space station via a teleport.

Gordon follows him but he gets intoxicated by a nerve gas, and is sent in a fantasy land, but he manages to escape with G-Man's help, and resumes his quest to finally kill Breen. G-Man is revealed to work with Breen and they both flee when the space station's main generator is destroyed. Gordon manages to kill both Breen and G-Man before they escape, and he escapes from the now self destructing space station, landing on a still Combine-infested City 17 and resumes his fight.

Strider MountainEdit

After the battle with Breen and the G-Man, Gordon comes back to a Strider-infested Earth. To turn the tide of the war, Gordon is sent to 'Strider Mountain', the source of all the Striders.

After destroying it, two endings are possible :

-If you didn't collect all the data, Gordon gets to a teleporter but is sent to an unknown place.

-If you did collect all the data, Gordon is sent to another city where he fights many Striders and Combine soldiers, finally reaching a buggy and blowing up the road behind him to prevent any chase.

Final Project: A Mapper's DiaryEdit

A meta-mod where Leon/SPY is fighting his way through his own map's and mod's.

Episode 3: The ClosureEdit

The final mod will feature Gordon Freeman fighting the Combine, who are using modified headcrabs against the Resistance.