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Somos is the final boss of the Half Quake series, appearing as the final challenge in all of the 3 episodes (HQ, Amen, and Sunrise).

Hq somos
Somos' first incarnation
SarevokhAdded by Sarevokh

Somos is basically a foul-mouthed giant machine with a face looking like the evil smile of the series ( >) ), and it is never explicitly said what it is, besides serving as the final antagonist.

Half QuakeEdit

Somos faces the player as an immobile machine on the center of a place with lava and moving blades around, the goal is to push buttons to drop his shield and then shoot him. He then explodes in pieces.

Half Quake AmenEdit

Somos faces the player in a bigger version shooting electric beams, with dangerous and moving platforms all around. After pushing some buttons, he
Hq2 2900001
Somos' second incarnation
SarevokhAdded by Sarevokh
explodes in pieces.

Half Quake SunriseEdit

For the final showdown, Somos now teleports around and shields himself in black cubes, the main goal is to get to his head and "use" it, making him disappear and/or the player teleported to the ending.

Trap risingson
Somos' third phase, (shield version)
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Trivia Edit

  • Somos shouts commonly "die, bitch" and other nasty things to the player.
  • According to muddasheep, creator of the HQ series, Somos is a machine, and the "Somos" word is an acronym which stands for nothing of interest. It doesn't mean "we are" in spanish (at least, for the mod).

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